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A map with all newspapers in the world, providing a search interface, direct links and one-click translating. Even a historical layer. It has raised a massive amount of media attention and featured in most major media around the world. Also featured as an outstanding example in the use of Google Fusion Tables API

"News of the World, One Click Away" Sam Grobart, New York Times

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Utilizing Google Maps, the Freedom of the Press 2012 map shows countries that are "Not Free", "Partly Free", and "Free" in terms of press coverage. A comparative study with data from two sources; Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders. Also featured in Google Developers Showcase

"Great Name, the creators of the ever popular Newspaper Map have released a Freedom of the Press 2012 map." Keir Clarke, Google Maps Mania

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Curated Google custom search engines, search for all news in any newspaper. Text or pictures. Sort by date or relevance. Available for ten countries

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